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Reliable and Professional HVAC Company in Gardena, CA

Improve your indoor comfort with comprehensive heating and cooling services in Gardena, CA. Our trusted HVAC company has served South Bay, Long Beach, and surrounding areas in Southern California for over 20 years. 

We perform a variety of HVAC services such as maintenance, repairs, upgrades, and change-outs for mostly residential and light commercial customers. Because we know that you want assistance in a timely manner, we are very punctual and work efficiently to do the necessary HVAC repairs and maintenance.

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About Us

Our family-owned-and-operated business has grown from a small enterprise into a medium-sized company. We credit much of our success in offering quality service with a customer-comes-first attitude.

All of our service technicians are certified and trained. They also have a professional appearance when they arrive at your home or business.

Additionally, we're more than just a voice on the phone or a website on the internet. We're actual people who care about your heating and cooling needs and look forward to helping you.

A Trusted HVAC Company

As a professional HVAC Company in Gardena CA, Platinum Heating & Air Conditioning offers complete heating and cooling solutions for your home or small business. Our trusted technicians work hard to ensure your property stays comfortable no matter what the temperature reads outside.

Each component of your heating and air condition unit is important. Whether you are installing a new top-of-the-line HVAC system or need to clean the vents of your existing one, our team is equipped to handle the job. This way you have peace of mind that your HVAC system is operating efficiently at all times.

Improving Your Property’s Energy Usage

When your HVAC system is not functioning correctly, it uses extra energy to maintain the same temperatures. This greatly increases your property’s energy demands, which can then increase your monthly utility expenses. Thankfully, our HVAC maintenance is here to ensure your system doesn’t demand more energy than absolutely necessary.

In some circumstances, a unit might not be repairable. While we certainly do our best to provide repairs for any issue, age or wear can push a system to the end of its life cycle. Whether we need to replace a single component or a whole system, we’re here to make the process as unburdensome as possible.  You’ll often find that a new system might be worth the initial cost of installation when you realize how much money you’re saving due to energy and air delivery efficiency. No matter your situation, our team is always happy to answer your questions about any of the heating and cooling services we offer.

Contact us when you need HVAC services for your home or business. We proudly serve Gardena, CA and the surrounding areas.



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